3D Objects

ROVSEAMOR Remote Controlled
Underwater Inspection Vehicle
Horizontal Rotation in JPEG/ActiveXFormat

Dynastes hercules  (Hercules beetle)
This 3D Object Image rotates horizontally and vertically

Sculptural piece rotates horizontally

Artist  Oliver Reimer

Annarichthys ocellatus (Wolf Eel) Skull
Image can be rotated Vertically and Horizontally.  A high resolution Flashpix version (Not currently available online)  can deliver full screen resolution images through streaming technology.  Contact Enviroscopics for Info.
Horizontally Rotating High Resolution (Zoomable Image)


360               VR               Solutions

      Immersive Interactive               Virtual               Tours

From                 stand alone virtual tours designed for marketing real estate to high               resolution 3D images embedded in online GIS for exploring heritage               buildings and recreational sites, Enviroscopics provides a premium               quality product to meet both your needs and your budget.


Immersive               360 spherical imaging, using state of the art digital technology,               puts the virtual camera or 3D Object into the hands of the site               visitors, enabling them to explore and inspect.


Integration               into GIS or conventional web pages can provide additional               navigational tools such as floorplans and image maps and background               information resources


Please               explore the many options available by browsing this website and               running the various demos




Contact Info:


Enviroscopics Services               and Products

        Nanaimo, BC,               Canada

        250 741 7983



Contact Info:

Enviroscopics Services and Products
Nanaimo, BC, Canada
250 741 7983